Thursday, January 6, 2011

The value of Experience in your Certification

If training is too costly or out of your reach, you can initially focus on relevant experience before investing in certification. A creative approach to work experience could provide you with options. Hands-on experience may help not just in terms of opportunity, but also in funding your learning and certification. An often overlooked avenue for work experience is volunteering. Volunteer opportunities are available with community organizations, religious organizations, non-profit organizations, local charities, environmental organizations, health bodies, schools, foundations, volunteer groups, and small businesses. In fact some organizations provide you with the opportunity to "volunteer for recommendation". What this entails is offering your services for a period of time in return for a recommendation from the organization. Note that volunteering or work experience isn’t about pay or meal ticket. It’s an opportunity to contribute and network with other people.

Networking is particularly important for experience and other career opportunities. As you grow in the field it is important that you network regularly with your peers and other people. Attend events of relevance to your career growth and keep on updating yourself.

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