Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top IT Career Dos and Don'ts(3)

The Dos and Don'ts of IT career continues and I decided to make it in bits because I dont want you to be bored with the details if is to be in one article. Take good time to study the tips and the sky will be your beginning.

Don't neglect Service and Contribution
Technology is about service and contribution. Invest not just for passing exams but to contribute and to be of benefit to others. Drop the "its-all-about-the-pay" mindset and recognize that your IT career isn't just about money or acquiring certificates. Growth comes by solving problems and creating opportunities. How is what you know and can do benefiting others? Value means others must benefit from you.

Money is not your mission. Money simply gives you options for achieving your purpose. Get rid of unrealistic expectations. IT creates wealth, but it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. "We eat to live, We don't live to eat". Get deep and add value. Your value not just knowledge is your power.

Do grow your Network
To serve and contribute effectively in your IT career, build networks by cooperating and collaborating with others. What is your value if you can't learn from or work with other people? The value of networking can't be underestimated. How will you spread your message or understand the needs of others?

Don't burn bridges you may need tomorrow but instead plant the right seeds. Network - listen to, learn from and understand the local and global environment. Network with colleagues, family, friends, mentors, employers, employees, clients, etc.

To enhance networking, work on your non-technical and people skills (life skills) like communications, leadership, presentation, teamwork, etc. Effective development of these life skills helps you position and package yourself for opportunity and growth. You need to understand the motivations of other people to work, grow and network effectively with them.

Strong support networks recognize your value and allow you to listen better, sell your ideas, contribute, collaborate and create opportunity now and in future.

Don't joke with Professionalism.
Ethics is another issue that affects value. Can you trusted? We know you're an MCDBA, but is that database safe in your hands? Trust breeds opportunity. Are you considerate? Are you courageous? "Be a thermostat not a thermometer".

You are the Java expert; you have the Oracle solutions. Big deal! Are you a positive influence? Or are you the "Emperor that can do no wrong?" What message do you send out? In your actions, are you fair, honest, responsible, friendly, supportive, law-abiding, and tolerant? 

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