Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top IT Career Dos and Don'ts (1)

What must I do to grow my career in Information Technology (IT)? Many are always asking questions on how to approach career development and prospects in the IT field? An IT career can be full of challenges and excitement.

But there is no magic key. It all depends on the effectiveness of your career growth methods. Quality of effort is often the difference between frustration and achievement.

Here are top "dos and don'ts" tips that should ensure your effort is high quality, while keeping you on the right track. Note that none of these guidelines can stand-alone. To make meaning they all play together.

Empower yourself
Empowerment is about using knowledge to make things happen - to create opportunity. Knowledge options include: training, certification, books, work experience and the Internet. What's your attitude towards learning? Is knowledge acquisition an investment or a cost to you?

Career opportunities exist in many fields including: technical support, programming, web development, database and networking.
Understand what empowerment means. It's about learning how to fish, instead of always depending on others. It's about resourcefulness -knowing how to dig deep and knowing where to look for answers.

Put in quality sweat - learn, practice, and invest in substance and not flashy gimmicks. Be strong in the fundamentals. The great IT pro isn't satisfied with just doing. Excel in what you do. Aim high. Measure yourself with high quality global standards. And keep on learning - Lifelong learning is critical. Anything else is dinosaur land. Strike the right balance between doing and the ability to keep on doing. You have to make that balance so you'll be sure to bring the best value to your career.

Check my subsequent post on this topic to keep you abreast of all other Dos and Don'ts for your career success.


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