Saturday, March 1, 2008

Engineering the hub of global development

It is a thing of joy and pride for you to be addressed as an"engineer" because the contributions of engineers in this millennium can not be over emphasized. Engineering profession has become the main tool for the world industrial development, which most outstanding conglomerate of the world today depend.In a nutshell, one can say the global technological development of today is a manifestation of the brains of engineer that are put to work.

In view of the aforementioned fact, there is need to harmonize the training of engineers globally in order for all countries of the world to meet up with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) especially in the third world country like Nigeria.The engineering school curriculum, Engineering entrance questions
, duration of courses, industrial experiences and all other things that is involved in the training of seasoned engineers need harmonization. To attain this feet countries should encourage aggressive student exchange courses in related areas, creation of a database for standard engineering entrance sample questions, past engineering examination questions and standard engineering projects to mention a few.

India is a country that is highly acknowledge for her sound engineering achievements in various engineering fields such as civil engineering and lately in the area of Information Technology (IT) world. Graduated engineering students are encouraging new or prospect engineer to face their engineering challenges without fear. The motive is to entice young citizens into this noble profession of Engineering.

Credence is given to one of these groups that is making serious waves online to help students not only in sharing knowledge but also making money online to assist them in their studies. IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) is the name of this great group and they are located at

In this group you are allowed to upload past engineering
entrance sample questions, engineering entrance question papers, past engineering examination questions and online forums to exchange ideas, news,jobs & interviews, to mention a few. Kudos to you guys this is a novel idea a site dedicated to helping students development.

As an engineer I am so challenged at this idea on how we can also come together in my country and put up something like this for both current and intending engineering students to show case our own indigenous technology to the world. It is my great joy to belong to this world renewing profession because without adopting appropriate technology this easy platform for exchanging ideas cannot be possible. This is an evidence of what can be adopted by other professionals in other countries to promote global peace and unity; erasing physical borders in a way internet has done today turning the whole world into a small village.

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