Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bio-Fuels II from Animal Waste

Another means of generating power is trough animal waste or dumps.
Methane is a gas that can be collected and burned as a fuel. This gas is produced by animal waste, as it decays. Some farms collect animal waste and store it in tanks, processing the collected gas. The resulting methane gas is then compressed in tanks/containers and distributed to customers. It can be used to heat cookers, houses and even to power car engines.

1. The cycle starts with animals on a farm, grazing and producing waste.

2. The waste is collected on a regular basic. It is transferred to decomposing tanks and the methane gas is collected and stored.

3. Gases are stored in tanks and transferred to tankers. It is transported to customers or compressed and transferred to smaller cylinder tanks.

4. The methane gas can be used for household appliances such as cookers. It can also be used as the fuel for cars specially adapted to burn methane gas rather than petrol. These vehicles are less polluting although their speed and acceleration are reduced.


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